Economic Growth Not Strongly Associated With Improved Child Nutrition, Study Shows

News outlets report on a study published in the Lancet Global Health examining the association between economic growth and child undernutrition.

NPR: A Booming Economy Doesn’t Save Children From Malnutrition
“Lack of food is the leading cause of child death worldwide, killing 3.1 million children each year and accounting for 45 percent of all child mortality. Undernourished children who survive still face a daunting future, including reduced intellectual capacity and a higher risk of disease and disability. And while economic growth is presumed to get more children fed, a booming economy alone doesn’t fix the problem, researchers say…” (Poon, 3/27).

VOA News: Rising Wealth Not Enough to Raise Child Health
“Getting wealthier does not automatically make a nation healthier, according to new research. The study questions whether promoting economic growth is the best way to improve child nutrition in low- and middle-income countries…” (Baragona, 3/26).