Economic Consequences Of Ebola Extend Beyond Worst-Hit West African Countries, U.N. Report Says

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Ebola could cost West Africa $15 billion over three years
“West Africa may lose up to $15 billion over the next three years due to the impact of the Ebola outbreak on trade, investment, and tourism, according to a report by the United Nations…” (Hussain, 3/12).

U.N. News Centre: Powerful effects of Ebola outbreak felt outside worst-affected countries, U.N. report finds
“The effects of Ebola … extend beyond the people who suffer from the virus and even beyond the borders of the worst-affected countries, says a new United Nations report released [Thursday]. Even in West African nations that experienced low or zero incidence of Ebola, the effects of the outbreak have been powerful because of the strong ties between the countries of the region, according to the report, which was produced by the U.N. Development Programme (UNDP)…” (3/12).