Ebola’s Long-Term Impacts On West African Economies, Agriculture Becoming Apparent As Disease Spread Slows

The Atlantic: Ebola’s Hidden Costs
“…Even as Ebola infection rates appear to be leveling off in [Sierra Leone], the disease’s less visible but long-term impacts on communities and the economy are taking shape. … In other words, the number of people in Sierra Leone who have died from Ebola — just over 3,000, to date — will be only a fraction of the number who will go hungry from it…” (Hamilton, 1/14).

VOA News: Ebola Brings West Africa Economic Development to Screeching Halt
“A new study by the United Nations Development Program finds the Ebola epidemic is dramatically setting back prospects for economic development in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. The study urges recovery plans for West Africa’s three Ebola-affected countries to begin now and not to wait until the deadly disease is contained…” (Schlein, 1/14).