Ebola Survivors ‘Coping With Immeasurable Loss,’ New York Times Reports

New York Times: Ebola, Ruthless to Families, Leaves Liberian Man Alive and Alone
“…[Gaye Dumbai] had lost both parents. Two sisters. One brother. Two aunts. Two uncles. Four nieces and nephews. That remains one of the biggest curses of the disease that ravaged the West African coast in 2014 — the punishment it inflicted on entire families. With the exception of health workers, who contracted the disease by heroically taking care of sick people they did not know, most Ebola victims got sick because they took care of loved ones. Consequently, most of the more than 5,000 people in Liberia who contracted, and then beat, the disease have become walking case studies in coping with immeasurable loss…” (Cooper, 3/25).