Ebola Recovery Must Include Training More Mental Health Workers In Liberia, Sierra Leone

Medium: Demand for mental health services surges in Liberia and Sierra Leone
Melanie Mayhew, communications officer in the Health, Nutrition, and Population Global Practice at the World Bank Group

“…Ebola … has deeply affected people’s mental health. When national statistics are available, the countries’ mental health experts expect that they will show that many, many thousands of people in Liberia and Sierra Leone need mental health treatment after surviving Ebola, losing relatives and friends to Ebola, helping the victims of Ebola, or simply living in the countries during this traumatic time. … Psychotropic drug shortages plague Sierra Leone and Liberia. … The countries also lack the skilled workforce they need to address widespread mental health issues, especially as the countries recover from Ebola. … In Liberia, The Carter Center, with a World Bank-administered $2.75 million grant from the Japan Social Development Fund, is training 700 health workers and is supporting 6,500 people in 30 communities who have mental health and psychosocial needs. … With access to health care, education, and jobs, recovery is possible. And when recovery is possible, healthy people, and healthy economies can thrive…” (4/12).