Ebola Prompts Changes To U.S. Health Systems, Hospitals To Prepare For Future Disease Outbreaks

Bloomberg News: U.S. Ebola Panic Vanishes Just as Money Is About to Flow
“…While the disease is still ravaging Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea, last week Congress allocated more than $800 million to prepare and compensate states for readying for Ebola in the U.S., more than a month after the last case was diagnosed in the country…” (Bloomfield, 12/16).

Reuters: Ebola fears speed changes in U.S. hospital record systems
“…[T]he first diagnosis of an Ebola case on U.S. soil in late September has prompted improvements in some areas of electronic record-keeping, particularly when it comes to alerting doctors about patients most vulnerable to a disease outbreak…” (Kelly, 12/17).