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Ebola Outbreak Ending In Uganda, Continues To Affect Neighboring DR Congo

“While Ebola continues to kill in the Democratic Republic of Congo, an outbreak of the virus in neighboring Uganda appears to be coming to an end, the World Health Organization said Monday, reporting that no new cases of the deadly virus had been confirmed in Uganda for a month,” the Los Angeles Times’ “World Now” blog reports. “The Ugandan outbreak was first declared by its health ministry in late July, spurring health officials and the president to warn Ugandans against handling dead animals and burying those who might have died from the virus,” the blog writes, noting, “Since the Ugandan outbreak began, 24 people are believed to have suffered from the virus, including 17 who died, the United Nations agency said.” However, “neighboring Congo is still grappling with a separate outbreak of the virus,” the blog adds, writing, “As of late August, the Congo outbreak had sickened 24 people and killed 11 more in the northeastern region of Province Orientale” (Alpert, 9/3).