Ebola Epidemic Could End By Summer If Funding, Efforts Are Sustained, WHO Official Says

New York Times: Ebola Outbreak Could Be Ended by Summer, U.N. Says
“The Ebola outbreak that has claimed nearly 10,000 lives over the past 15 months could be halted by the summer, but only if international financial support is sustained, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday…” (Cumming-Bruce, 3/11).

Reuters: Waning interest is biggest risk in race to overcome Ebola: WHO
“Waning interest in Ebola could jeopardize efforts to stamp out the world’s worst recorded outbreak of the disease, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday. Case numbers have fallen to a low level and it should be possible to stop transmission by mid-year, but the disease is ‘not waning’ and it is much too early to assume the outbreak will end, said WHO Assistant Director General Bruce Aylward…” (Miles, 3/11).