Ebola Containment Actions Must Pick Up Pace

The following pieces address the international response to the Ebola epidemic.

Foreign Policy: Hollow Words and an Exponential Horror
Laurie Garrett, senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations

“…The tap is turned, and water is starting to flow. But the questions in this newly announced war on Ebola are now twofold: Will personnel and resources reach West Africa rapidly enough to dam the viral flow, and will the nations of the world learn from this disaster to build institutions and long-term targets that prevent pandemics in the future? … [R]ight now the Ebola world needs doctors, nurses, paved roads, electricity, oil, medical supplies, cots, protective gear, hydration kits, food, helicopters, airplanes, logistics expertise, mass communications education, soap, disinfectants, and, most of all, cause for hope. And it needs all these things, yesterday” (9/29).

The Lancet: Ebola: an open letter to European governments
Jose Martin-Moreno of the University of Valencia et al., and 44 signatories

“After months of inaction and neglect from the international community, the Ebola epidemic in West Africa has now spiraled utterly out of control. Today, the virus is a threat not only to the countries where the outbreak has overwhelmed the capacity of national health systems, but also to the entire world. We urge our governments to mobilize all possible resources to assist West Africa in controlling this horrific epidemic. Based on our expertise in public health and emergency response, we believe the following measures would be particularly effective…” (9/26).