E.U., U.K. Leaders Work On COVID-19 Strategies, Including Improving Industrial Autonomy From Foreign Suppliers

AP: Tensions arise as E.U. leaders mull huge virus recovery plan
“European Union leaders are preparing for a new virtual summit to take stock of the damage the coronavirus has inflicted on the lives and livelihoods of the bloc’s citizens and to thrash out a more robust plan to revive their ravaged economies…” (Cook, 4/22).

Financial Times: U.K. ministers struggle for control of coronavirus strategy
“Ministers on Tuesday attempted to get a grip on the government’s coronavirus strategy following confusion over efforts to obtain life-saving medical equipment and the revelation that fewer than one-fifth of virus tests promised by the end of the month were being carried out…” (Parker et al., 4/22).

POLITICO: E.U. leaders draft coronavirus recovery plan
“Europe’s recovery from the coronavirus should focus on strengthening the ‘strategic autonomy’ of its industry to reduce reliance on foreign suppliers, according to a ‘roadmap’ from E.U. leaders. Leaders of the European Council and the E.U.’s executive arm put the plan together ahead of a video conference on Thursday of the bloc’s 27 government chiefs, who are due to sign off on a €540 billion aid package aiming to safeguard companies, workers, and governments from economic ruin…” (Smith-Meyer, 4/21).

POLITICO: Coronavirus won’t kill globalization, but will clip its wings
“…Fearing they have undermined their security through overreliance on China, European politicians are stressing that manufacturing must return to the E.U. … For the self-sufficiency hard-liners, that means rolling back globalization. Armed with new technologies like 3D printers, they see a prime opportunity to rein in supply chains for machinery that stretch out to East Asia…” (Vela, 4/22).