E.U. Strengthens Measures To Prevent Ebola’s Spread In Europe; Germany Increases Funding For West Africa

News outlets report on actions taken by European entities to prevent the spread of Ebola within Europe, as well as address the epidemic in West Africa.

Agence France-Presse: E.U. may boost exit screening in Ebola-hit states
“European health ministers agreed Thursday to launch an immediate review of the screening of passengers departing Ebola-hit countries in West Africa and boost them if the measures are found to be failing…” (Carmichael, 10/16).

Associated Press: E.U. vows to beef up Ebola exit tests in West Africa
“European Union nations are promising to reinforce passenger screening for Ebola at the airports in the hardest-hit West African nations and coordinate a common approach for the deadly virus at E.U. entry points…” (10/16).

New York Times: Europe Evaluates Ebola Measures as Possibility of New Cases Arises in France and Spain
“Several new suspected cases of Ebola were reported in Europe on Thursday, amid heightened fears that measures to prevent the virus from spreading here are insufficient and that more people, especially health personnel attending to Ebola patients, are at risk of contamination…” (Breeden/Minder, 10/16).

Wall Street Journal: Germany Steps Up Ebola Aid Amid Criticism of Slow Response
“Germany on Thursday announced a sixfold increase in funding to fight the Ebola epidemic in West Africa after facing criticism it had been slow in delivering on its pledge to help the region at the center of the outbreak…” (Thomas, 10/16).