E.U. Should ‘Stay Generous’ On Foreign Aid To Help Maintain U.S. Levels, Gates Tells European Parliament

Devex: Bill Gates to Europe: ‘Stay generous’ on aid to stop U.S. cuts
“Bill Gates entered the debate over the European Union’s next seven-year budget Wednesday, telling a packed meeting of the European Parliament’s development committee that maintaining high levels of E.U. aid would prevent budget cuts in Washington. ‘In terms of U.S. foreign aid, as long as Europe stays generous, I believe there is a bipartisan consensus where the U.S. overall it may cut a few things, but the overall level I believe will be maintained,’ Gates told European parliamentarians, researchers, and aid advocates in Brussels. ‘The [U.S.] Congress has a longer timeframe, what I would call a more responsible view of cooperation, than the current executive branch position’…” (Chadwick, 10/18).