E.U. Must Stand Firm Against Initiative That Could Threaten Sexual, Reproductive Health

EurActiv: The E.U. must stand firm against ‘One of Us’
Sirpa Pietikäinen, member of the European Parliament (MEP) in the European People’s Party

“A European Citizens Initiative (ECI) by a group called ‘One of Us’ could severely impact E.U. development funding for maternal health if it is successful. … This initiative seeks to ban all E.U. funds for any activities which involve the destruction of the human embryo. … The proposal is totally at odds with E.U.’s longstanding development aid policy and threatens the viability of approximately $120 million in E.U. development aid that is currently spent each year to protect maternal and reproductive health. … Therefore, at the European Parliament today, we expect the European Commission and MEPs to stand up for women and their rights. We expect them to re-affirm their support for the MDGs and for sexual and reproductive health around the world. We expect the Commission to reject this initiative — an initiative that is inimical to the founding ideals of the European Union” (4/16).