E.U. Must Ensure Trade Policy Makes ‘Real Contribution’ To SDGs, Does Not Promote Ill-Health

EURACTIV: The E.U. is no progressive free trader: It’s exporting chronic diseases to Latin America
George Thurley, policy officer on Healthy Trade at European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)

“…[T]rade deals bring trade-offs, and the E.U. has apparently chosen to put the trade goals of European tobacco companies ahead of their own commitments to sustainable development at home and abroad. … If the E.U. truly wants to be the global progressive trading power, it needs to make sure its trade policy does not promote ill-health, and instead makes a real contribution to the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)]. … The E.U. should kick tobacco lobbyists in all their guises out of all trade policy and negotiations. … The E.U.’s current raft of trade deals, lacking regard for health at home or abroad, are neither free nor fair. The Commission must take … steps to improve the credibility and coherence of its trade policy” (5/24).