E.U. Leaders Enter 4th Day Of Negotiations Over COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Wall Street Journal: E.U. Leaders Deadlocked on Coronavirus Recovery Plan
“Negotiations among the European Union’s 27 leaders for recovery plans worth €1.8 trillion ($2.06 trillion) dragged into a fourth day on Monday, leading to tense exchanges and fears of a breakdown. After three days of talks to agree a proposed spending package to lift Europe’s economy out of a coronavirus-sparked slump, E.U. leaders still hadn’t nailed down the size of the final plan, how much of it should be available in grants and some of the conditions attached. The discussions ran through the night and will resume on Monday afternoon Brussels time. Failure to reach a deal could spark a negative financial markets response, weeks after European leaders said there was a basic consensus around the outlines of the plan. A number of top E.U. leaders have said a deal must be in place before the traditional summer break begins at the end of July…” (Norman, 7/20).

Additional coverage of the meeting is available from AP (2) and BBC News.