E.U. Announces €191.3M Humanitarian Aid Package To Sahel Countries

European Commission: E.U. mobilizes more than € 191 million in humanitarian aid to Sahel countries
“In the wake of the worst food and nutrition crisis in the Sahel over the last five years and continued uncertainty, the Commission has announced a humanitarian aid package worth EUR 191.3 million. … The aid announced today will benefit eight countries in the region: Burkina Faso (EUR 11.1 million), Chad (EUR 40.2 million), Cameroon (EUR 13.9 million), Mali (EUR 35.3 million ), Mauritania (EUR 11.4 million), Niger (EUR 32.2 million), Nigeria (EUR 35.3 million), and Senegal (EUR 1 million). In addition, regional funds amounting to EUR 10.8 million will be allocated…” (7/10).