Dengue, Other Mosquito-Borne Diseases On Rise Worldwide; Some Experts Blame Climate Change

Newsweek: Dengue, EEE, West Nile Virus among mosquito-borne diseases on the rise, as weather prolongs breeding season
“…Diseases spread by mosquitoes are a problem worldwide. … One of the reasons for the sudden upswing in mosquito-borne illnesses could be climate change…” (Martin, 10/3).

Washington Post: Dengue cases are surging around the world. Some blame a changing climate.
“…From Brazil to Bangladesh, Honduras to the Philippines, the number of reported dengue cases has surged this year. There has been a ‘huge increase,’ said Raman Velayudhan, the task force lead for dengue at the World Health Organization. ‘Unfortunately, things are a little grim at the moment.’ Preliminary figures from the WHO show 2.7 million reported cases worldwide through August. This year’s final tally is likely to match the worst years on record for dengue, Velayudhan said…” (Slater, 10/4).