Drought, Insecurity, Flailing Economy Increase Food Insecurity, Malnutrition In Haiti

Reuters: Haiti political morass fuels growing crisis of hunger, malnutrition
“…While Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, has long had one of the world’s highest levels of food insecurity, drought has ravaged harvests for the last few years, worsening food shortages and raising prices. … Compounding that, anti-government protests sparked by anger over alleged corruption shuttered businesses and public institutions for three months last fall and disrupted the transportation of goods, including food aid. … One in three Haitians — around 3.7 million people — needs urgent food assistance, up from 2.6 million people at the end of 2018, the United Nations said in December. Haiti now ranks 111 out of 117 countries on the Global Hunger Index, in the company mostly of the poorest sub-Saharan African countries…” (Marsh/Paultre, 2/19).