Drought In Pakistan Triggers ‘Alarmingly High’ Rates of Malnutrition, Disease, IFRC Says

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Disease, hunger “alarmingly high” in drought-hit Pakistan: Red Cross
“One of the worst droughts in Pakistan’s history has triggered ‘alarmingly high’ levels of malnutrition and disease in the hardest hit areas where people have been forced to drink salty or contaminated water, the Red Cross said on Friday. Women, especially those pregnant or breastfeeding, and children are particularly vulnerable to diarrhea, vomiting, and fever brought on by a lack of safe drinking water in the worst affected areas of the southern Sindh and Balochistan provinces…” (Silva, 3/1).

VOA News: IFRC Sounds Alarm on Malnutrition, Disease in Pakistan’s Drought Region
“…An estimated five million people have been affected according to IFRC, which says the drought was caused by ‘unseasonably high temperatures and below average monsoonal rainfall’…” (3/1).