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Drop U.S. Food Aid Shipping Requirement To Feed More People

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Rough water: U.S. food aid imperiled by proposed shipping rule
“…Section 318 of the House-approved Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act would require that 75 percent of U.S. food aid be transported on privately owned, U.S.-flagged commercial vessels. The cost, according to USAID: $75 million that could be spent on lifesaving food aid. The law would effectively deprive two million people of food assistance in emergency food crisis areas like South Sudan, Syria and the Central African Republic. … The food aid program is one of the best things we do as a country — not only humanitarian but also an effective diplomatic tool. Millions of taxpayer dollars for this valuable program shouldn’t be squandered on an industry handout. And millions shouldn’t have to go without food because of an unforced error” (6/11).