DRC Ebola Outbreak Sets New One-Day Record With 20 Cases; WHO Emergency Panel Meeting, To Make Recommendations

CIDRAP News: DRC Ebola surge marks 2nd straight record-setting day
“For the second day in a row [on Thursday], the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) reported a record number of Ebola infections — this time, 20 cases — putting an exclamation point on the outbreak ahead of [today’s] World Health Organization (WHO) emergency committee meeting to assess whether the developments constitute a public health emergency declaration…” (Schnirring, 4/11).

The Guardian: Emergency panel meets as Congo Ebola outbreak gathers pace
“…It is thought the panel, which first met in October 2018, have not previously done so because the epidemic has not spread into other countries. ‘Though the risk of spread within the country and to neighboring countries is very high, the risk remains low globally,’ the WHO said in a statement on Wednesday. A declaration would boost the international response and help to mobilize resources and research. The committee is also expected to give updated recommendations on how global health officials should manage the outbreak…” (Ratcliffe, 4/12).

Additional coverage of the DRC Ebola outbreak and the WHO committee meeting is available from the Associated Press and Bloomberg.