Diverting Development Aid To Refugee Crisis Threatens Progress Toward Poverty Eradication, Overall Development Goals

The Guardian: Refugee crisis must not deflect us from our long-term development aims
Helen Clark, chair of the U.N. Development Group (UNDG) and U.N. Development Programme administrator; and Erik Solheim, chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC)

“…Caring for refugees and asylum seekers in Europe should not weaken support for international development cooperation; on the contrary, it underlines the urgency for alleviating poverty. The crisis can never be resolved if international development cooperation erodes. … While the arrival of large numbers of refugees undoubtedly requires more funding to be allocated to meet their needs, the longstanding partnerships between traditional donors and developing countries, multilateral partners, and civil society must be nurtured if poverty eradication and sustainable development overall are to be achieved. Multilateral development and humanitarian actors and the donor community must continue to work closely together, and that work must be adequately resourced. We must aim to meet the collective promise of the Sustainable Development Goals: to leave no one behind” (11/16).