Devex Series Examines Ways To Advance Global Health In New Campaign

Devex: What does healthy mean to you? Devex, partners examine future of global health in new campaign
Rolf Rosenkranz, editor at Devex

“…What does a comprehensive health system entail? The answer will vary depending on who you ask. But more likely than not, it’ll be built on strong supply chains and partnerships, capacity building and good governance. It will encourage innovation and the prevention of disease. And it is inclusive — by guaranteeing universal access to at least basic care. At the end of it all, it puts the individual — us — at the center so we can live better and longer lives. Over the coming weeks, Devex will explore ways to advance global health in a campaign we call Healthy Means…” (10/27).

The following opinion pieces are part of the series:

Devex: Innovations for malaria control: Advancing progress for a healthier, more prosperous world
Fatoumata Nafo-Traoré, executive director of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership

Devex: Where does mHealth fit into the post-2015 agenda?
Kaakpema Yelpaala, social entrepreneur

Devex: Beyond Band-Aids: Social well-being as a strategy for health, social development gains
Mark Edberg, director of the global Center for Social Well-Being and Development