Devex Offers Lessons For Development Sector Working With USAID Based On Australian Experience

Devex: Lessons for aid in the Trump era, from Australia
“…For the development sector working with USAID, looking to Australia can provide insights into how to plan and prepare for the changes ahead. 1. Budget cuts mean all programs will be under review. … 2. Foreign aid becomes a diplomatic tool. … 3. Expertise and knowledge could disappear. … 4. Aid will take a regional refocus. … 5. Aid for trade will move up the priority list. … 6. Expect less transparency. … From the experiences of Australia, Devex has three tips for how to be ahead of the game. 1. Demonstrate how a program benefits Trump’s priorities. … 2. Programs should be sustainable. … 3. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best…” (Cornish, 1/26).