Devex Interviews Barbara Bush About Global Health Corps

In an interview that took place at the 2013 Social Good Summit, Devex talks with Barbara Bush, CEO and co-founder of Global Health Corps and daughter of former U.S. President George W. Bush, “about how a network of young global health leaders can help to drive impact on the lagging Millennium Development Goals, set the health agenda of the future, and build a coalition of connected health advocates around the world.” Devex writes, “The CEO of Global Health Corps envisions a post-2015 framework in which the youth will be more engaged in the crafting of global health development goals and become champions of that agenda to create a generation of committed and qualified leaders that can push for sustainable change.” According to the interview transcript, Bush discusses gaps in the global health workforce, technology for social good, and lessons learned “about how to broaden the definition of a global health problem to make it appeal to people who might have a different background,” among other topics (Igoe, 9/24).