Devex, Intellectual Property Watch Report On Issues Discussed At WHO Executive Board Meeting

Devex: DRC Ebola crisis serves as test for WHO health reform
“…The ongoing outbreak in DRC is the second most severe Ebola outbreak ever recorded, with more than 400 confirmed deaths so far. The Independent Oversight and Advisory Committee, established to monitor the work of WHO in outbreaks and emergencies, found WHO has been quick in deploying key staff, establishing Ebola treatment centers, and releasing funds from its Contingency Fund for Emergencies to fill financial gaps in the response. Staff also expressed ‘remarkable progress’ on internal coordination and communication. This was in ‘huge contrast’ to the West Africa Ebola response, IOAC President Felicity Harvey told member states on Monday at WHO’s executive board meetings in Geneva, Switzerland…” (Ravelo, 1/29).

Intellectual Property Watch: WHO Draft Resolution On Universal Health Coverage Shows Efforts At Consensus
“With half the world’s population still lacking access to essential health services, World Health Organization Executive Board members this week are working to agree on a resolution indicating ways through which this situation can be alleviated. … A draft resolution was issued dated 26 January, put forward by Japan and Thailand, the two countries coordinating the discussions on the language of the draft resolution…” (Saez, 1/28).

Intellectual Property Watch: Measuring Outputs Seen As Key To WHO Transformation
“Measurable outputs are a key element of the World Health Organization transformation and its ‘triple billion’ target. Last week, WHO Executive Board discussed the Impact Framework, a key measurement system. Board members asked clarifications on indicators and underlined the challenge of data collection in many countries…” (Saez, 1/29).