Devex Examines USAID’s ‘Extreme Poverty Agenda’

“USAID is working to align its programs with President Barack Obama’s call to help eliminate extreme poverty by 2030. But some agency staff and partners are losing their patience over the administration’s ever-expanding list of development and health initiatives and the metrics that accompany them,” Devex reports. The news service examines whether the agency’s “‘extreme poverty agenda’ amount[s] to an entirely new initiative — or is rather a repackaging of work the agency is already doing.” Devex, which includes comments from Alex Thier, assistant to the administrator for policy, planning and learning at USAID, writes, “Officials have been trying to clarify — both internally and publicly — how the extreme poverty agenda fits in with other USAID priorities like Power Africa, food security, global health, climate change and resilience, and how they can ensure the various goals don’t take energy and resources away from each other” (Igoe, 12/12).