Devex Examines 5 Development-Related Stories To Follow Under Trump Administration

Devex: 5 development stories to watch in the Trump era
“Donald Trump’s Friday inauguration ushers in a new era in American development policy — one currently shrouded in uncertainty. U.S. aid agencies have yet to see a landing team from the administration, and Trump himself has given few clues as to his policy, though his nominees for key posts as secretary of state and the ambassador to the U.N. have hinted at what may come in their confirmation hearings. … Against this backdrop Devex is looking ahead at what some of the big storylines are as Trump takes the reins — and what the global development community should be watching as the next four years unfold. 1. Climate change and energy. … 2. The national security-development nexus. … 3. Women and girls. … 4. U.S. role in multinational institutions. … 5. Africa’s growth…” (Saldinger, 1/20).