Devex Deputy Editor Discusses Mexico City Policy’s Potential Impacts In Blog Post

Prospect Magazine: Foreign aid, abortion, and a new reminder of the Trump administration’s cruelty
Jessica Abrahams, deputy editor of Devex and former production editor of Prospect, writes in her Prospect blog about the Trump administration’s reinstatement and expansion of the Mexico City policy. Abrahams writes, “Two and a half years on, new research has confirmed just how harmful this rule really is. As the evidence continues to mount, so does the damage inflicted on vulnerable groups. … The existing studies have only been able to examine the impact of earlier iterations of the gag rule — data that would allow a full analysis of the current version is not yet available. … [T]he full impacts of the [current iteration of the] policy are still revealing themselves, as contracts expire without being renewed, surveys are conducted and figures gathered” (7/25).