Devex Continues Series On American Public Opinion Of Foreign Aid Under Trump Administration

Devex: Special feature: American public opinion on aid in the Trump era
John Norris, executive director of the Sustainable Security and Peacebuilding Initiative at the Center for American Progress, and Pete Troilo, Devex director of global advisory and analysis

“…So now comes the question on most readers minds: what does this wealth of polling data tell us about the public’s opinion of foreign assistance during the Trump presidency? And perhaps more importantly, what can and should the development community do about it? … America’s development community stands at an enormous crossroads. With 60 years of hard fought experience, it knows better now than ever before what messaging is effective and what is not. The community has an impressive track record of accomplishment, but also faces a president that would appear to give little thought to destroying the endeavor of development completely. For a group of professionals who operate in difficult environments and tackle intractable problems, getting more Americans to understand their work and contributions seems entirely possible no matter who occupies the West Wing” (8/29)