Devex Continues #HealthyMeans Series With Opinion Pieces On Health Care Access

Devex: Want to fight dengue effectively? Get access to communities with local volunteers
Walter Cotte, under secretary general of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Devex: Universal health coverage: An empty promise without focusing on chronic diseases
Katie Dain, executive director of the NCD Alliance

Devex: 3 ways the public sector can work with business to fight chronic diseases
Jacob Gayle, vice president of Medtronic Philanthropy

Devex: HIV in children — we need to do more
Manuel Goncalves, executive team member of ViiV Healthcare

Devex: Time to end AIDS and (finally) leave no one behind post-2015
Marielle Hart, policy manager with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Devex: How to end a neocolonialist approach to global health training
Michelle Morse, deputy chief medical officer for Haiti at Partners In Health

Devex: How to improve access to affordable health care
Craig Moscetti, independent consultant and freelance writer