Development Targets That Show Promise Of Most Impact Should Be Prioritized In Post-2015 Agenda

Project Syndicate: The Best Ways to Fight Extreme Poverty
Bjørn Lomborg, adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School and founder and director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center

“…The Copenhagen Consensus Center, of which I am director, recently asked 60 teams of economists to evaluate the benefits and costs of [the U.N.’s proposed 169 development] targets … Trying to do 169 different things at once would be foolhardy. It would mean spending too much time and resources on lower-return priorities, instead of focusing on the targets that promise the biggest impact on the world’s poorest. In fact, our research shows that there are 19 phenomenal targets that — like freer trade — should be prioritized above all of the others. The final decision about which targets will become global policy will affect the flow of trillions of dollars over the next 15 years. In September, when world leaders gather in New York, they need to focus on the smartest ways to boost global prosperity…” (7/22).