Development Success Driven By Inclusive, Accountable Governments, Local Ownership, Adaptive Systems

Devex: The coming revolution in development
Alex Thier, assistant administrator for the Policy, Planning, and Learning Bureau at USAID

“…As I leave an amazing five and a half years at USAID, … [m]y biggest conclusion, from the meta-picture of development experience, is that what separates countries that are succeeding from those that are failing is capable, inclusive, and accountable governance. … [T]he path to ending extreme poverty and creating resilient, democratic societies is built upon a foundation of inclusive economic growth and effective, accountable institutions which are designed, led, and primarily financed by local actors and resources. … Maintaining a system of free, fair, open economies, and peaceful societies is at the core of U.S. national interest in a multipolar world. … To be more effective, we need to significantly increase our investment and capabilities in institution-building. … Another fundamental change we must make is to institutionalize adaptive management as our core operating model. … And we need flexibility, and an approach that embraces risk and transparency in partnership with the Hill…” (12/3).