Development Sector Must Transform To Deliver Progress On SDGs, ONE Co-Founder Writes In Opinion Piece

Devex: Opinion: How to transform the development sector for a decade of action and delivery
Jamie Drummond, advocacy entrepreneur and co-founder of ONE

“It’s been five years since the Sustainable Development Goals were agreed, but it isn’t just the rise of populism that has slowed the sector’s progress toward delivering the goals. The [development] sector itself hasn’t risen sufficiently to the challenge. … The sector must be challenged to transform … 2020 is the time for that transformation to truly begin. We can make this happen by realizing these four actions: agreeing to some core shared messaging and branding; networking for advocacy and policy change impact around key moments in 2020; upskilling core operational best practice, especially around digital, data, and transparency standards; and looking deeply at our behavior and our funding to ensure true 2030 compliance throughout the sector…” (1/21).