Development, Advocacy Organizations Ramp Up Efforts To Counter Trump Administration’s Proposed Cuts To U.S. Foreign Aid

Devex: Lobbying efforts ramp up in the wake of proposed cuts to U.S. aid
“Months ago, the ONE Campaign set Feb. 28 as the day for the ONE Power Summit, a day of advocacy in Washington, D.C. The group couldn’t have known at the time that just one day before its event, reports would surface that President Donald Trump was to propose a massive 37 percent reduction in foreign aid spending. … Groups such as the ONE Campaign, development organizations, and lobbyists who support foreign aid are gearing up for a fight, and while they are in agreement that the proposed cuts are alarming and dangerous, they are also quick to say that the budget, in its current form, is unlikely to succeed…” (Saldinger, 3/3).