Developing, Testing Ebola Vaccines Presents Major Challenges, Report Says

News services discuss a new report released Monday by the Wellcome Trust and CIDRAP titled, “Fast-Track Development of Ebola Vaccines: Principles and Target Product Criteria.”

CIDRAP News: Report maps complex challenges to Ebola vaccine efforts
“As experimental Ebola vaccines start to head toward large clinical trials in Africa, a report released today by academic experts and a British charitable foundation spelled out the complexity of the challenges involved in providing a vaccine to help stop West Africa’s sprawling epidemic…” (Roos, 1/12).

Reuters: “Extreme measures” needed to see Ebola shot development through
“…In an interim report on a roadmap for vaccines against the current and any future outbreaks of the deadly virus, infectious disease specialists Jeremy Farrar and Mike Osterholm said the scope of effort was ‘too complex for any single government, organization, or company.’ They called for sustained public-private sector partnership and commitment…” (Kelland, 1/12).