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Despite Aid Cuts, Uganda Announces Fund For AIDS, Investors Continue Working With Country

New outlets report on Uganda’s response to expected donor aid cuts, as well as investors’ responses to the country’s anti-gay law.

The Observer: Gay law: Uganda plans new AIDS fund
“President Museveni on Monday upped the ante in the raging row with the West over anti-gay legislation, backing a special fund for HIV/AIDS. The fund is meant to keep HIV/AIDS patients on [antiretroviral drugs (ARVs)], even in the face of donor aid cuts expected in response to the signing of the Anti-Homosexuality Act…” (Ssekika, 4/1).

Reuters: Investors look beyond anti-gay law and stick with Uganda
“Fuzzy guidelines on ethical investing and aid donors’ timid response to Uganda’s new anti-gay law have reassured fund managers and private equity firms about continuing to invest in the newly oil-rich east African country…” (Cohn, 4/1).