Despite Achievements, GAVI Alliance Continues To Face Challenges In Childhood Immunization Efforts

A Lancet editorial discusses the GAVI Alliance’s 2013 Mid-Term Review, released this week, noting the report “examines the organization’s progress midway through the period 2011-15” and states that “by 2014, 73 countries with GAVI’s support will introduce five-in-one pentavalent vaccines, including fragile states — Haiti, Burma, Somalia, and South Sudan.” The editorial states, “Despite the achievements documented in the report, challenges remain: looking for better ways to collect country-level data and ensuring supply chains are more reliable; addressing low-income countries’ unique and challenging needs with individualized approaches; and ensuring sustainability of immunization programs in countries wealthy enough to no longer be eligible for GAVI support.” The journal adds, “GAVI should continue to work hard and successfully to address these issues, to ensure that all children are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases, wherever they live.” The Lancet notes, “The report is published ahead of a mutual accountability meeting on October 30, in Stockholm, Sweden, to take stock of GAVI’s progress in immunization and resource mobilization since 2011” (10/19).