Democratic Presidential Candidates Should Include Women’s Empowerment In Climate Change Strategies, Opinion Piece Says

Rewire.News: Women’s Empowerment — Not Population Control — Is Key to Combating Climate Change
Osub Ahmed, policy analyst for women’s health and rights at the Center for American Progress

“…It is well-documented that when women are empowered, the planet benefits. … Women’s bodily autonomy — a necessity for women to pursue leadership opportunities — is key to achieving women’s empowerment and combating climate change. … Family planning — non-coercive, consent-based, and comprehensive — is a particularly powerful tool in enhancing bodily autonomy and helping women to determine their professional and economic futures. … Democrats running for president must fight to improve women’s bodily autonomy as an important element of their climate change strategy. Each candidate must consider the impacts of climate change through a gender-specific lens and recognize that, when we center women’s bodily autonomy and improve upon political and economic leadership opportunities for women, the climate and the world benefit” (9/23).