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Defense, Security Sector Reform Necessary To Address Development Challenges, Achieve SDGs

Financial Times: To meet the U.N. development goals, look to the security sector
Katherine Dixon, director for defense and security at Transparency International

“…All too often, the defense sector is front and center of sustaining the corrupt power structures that fuel inequality and popular frustration, and divert resources away from other vital public spending. This happens disproportionately in countries where development is most needed or inequality is most acute. … At the same time, the failure to tackle security issues compounds the development challenge. … We know that there are strong links between corruption and insecurity, so tackling defense sector corruption, improving trust in the armed forces, and disrupting organized criminal networks are essential steps to guaranteeing the delivery of more just, peaceful, and inclusive societies by 2030. It might cause discomfort to spend aid money improving the defense and security sector. But unless such institutions are reformed to operate in the best interests of their populations and held to account by elected officials and civil society, progress on poverty, hunger, and economic growth will be held back” (7/30).