Decriminalizing Abortion In Argentina Represents ‘Human Rights Imperative’

Washington Post: The Senate in Argentina must vote to decriminalize abortion
Mariela Belski, executive director of Amnesty International Argentina

“Argentina is only days away from becoming a role model in Latin America and the world in the cause of advancing the human rights of women and girls. For that to happen, however, the country’s senators must vote Wednesday on a bill to decriminalize abortion. … The Senate must vote to put an end to clandestine abortions, giving women and girls access to safe procedures. Lawmakers must understand that, if Argentina wants to advance on the world stage, the country needs to guarantee reproductive rights. … The current law in Argentina is a total failure that puts women at unnecessary risk … At this point, there is no room for senators to waver. Decriminalizing abortion is not a concession made to women: it is a human rights imperative that Argentina has been violating for years. Recognizing and defending the rights of women is a necessary step to become a modern democracy once and for all” (8/6).