Death Of Liberian Man Underscores Challenges Of Containing Ebola

Newsweek: Time Bomb: Ebola Returns to the Ghetto
“Over the past year, Ebola has killed 10,000 people. Almost half of those have died in Liberia, including 200 health workers. The government and international donors have been desperately trying to care for the sick, while at the same time, prevent the virus from spreading. They seemed to have finally won that battle: on 5 March, doctors discharged what they described as the last known Ebola patient from a treatment center in the capital. But a new case emerged on 21 March, not long after the country re-opened borders, sparking renewed fears of contagion. … The story of [a Liberian man’s] death and its aftermath shows how difficult it is to contain an epidemic – and solve a possible murder – in a country where distrust of authority is widespread and the lack of water, toilets and access to basic medical services help the deadly virus proliferate…” (MacDougall, 4/2).