Daily Nation Examines Fundraising Efforts In Kenya To Support Patients Living With HIV/AIDS

The Daily Nation examines efforts underway in Kenya to raise money for patients living with HIV/AIDS who are in need antiretroviral (ARV) therapy. 

According to the newspaper, a team of experts is examining alternative sources to pay for HIV/AIDS treatment, including the possibility of adding additional taxes to cellular phone air-time, alcohol, cigarettes and airplane tickets, encouraging individuals and businesses to contribute to the cost of treatment for an individual patient, and “public-private partnerships with local pharmaceutical companies to produce drugs and sell to the government at a cheaper price.”

Of the estimated 1.4 million people believed to be infected with HIV/AIDS, “the Government is providing ARVs to 360,000 of them,” the Daily Nation writes. The article examines several reasons the country is facing a funding shortfall to cover patients living with HIV/AIDS and additional fundraising ideas to help close the gap (Okwemba, 3/29).