Cutting U.S. Foreign Aid ‘Counterproductive’ To U.S. Interests Overseas

Washington Post: The amorality and stupidity of eviscerating foreign-aid spending
Jennifer Rubin, columnist for the Washington Post

“…If [President Trump] is willing to use military power to achieve ends that enhance U.S. standing in the world, why not expend many fewer dollars to stem or prevent humanitarian disasters and political and economic collapse elsewhere? Perhaps he and his neophyte advisers are under the impression that government monies are unnecessary so long as there are private philanthropic sources. Well, take it from Melinda Gates, who along with her husband sits atop the world’s largest foundation and describes how aid has transformed one country by, among other things, expanding access to contraception. … Gates is particularly concerned with cuts in assistance to family planning under the recently restored Mexico City policy, but her point is a broader one. No private foundation can match the resources of the U.S. government. No military maneuver could have been as effective in developing a pro-Western, peaceful country [like Indonesia, which used foreign aid to implement a successful family planning program]. Since this seems to be the week in which Trump throws policy after policy overboard, perhaps he can dispense with cuts to foreign aid. No single action would be more counterproductive to U.S. international interests and security than cutting foreign aid” (4/13).