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Curbing Migration Requires Addressing Climate Change

New York Times: If You Really Want to Curb Migration, Get Serious About Climate Change
Lauren Markham, freelance reporter

“…Today, according to global relief agencies, over 68 million people worldwide have been forced to flee their homes, often because of war, poverty, and political persecution. … If you talk to these migrants long enough, you’ll hear about another, more subtle but still profound dimension to the problems they are leaving behind: environmental degradation or climate change. … The more out of whack our climate becomes, the more people up and leave their homes. As our world heats up and sea levels rise, the problem of forced migration around the world is projected to become far worse. And in refusing to take climate change or responsibility for our planet seriously, the Trump administration is encouraging the conditions that will increase unauthorized migrations to the United States and elsewhere…” (6/29).