CSIS Report Examines Role Of Fruits, Vegetables In Combating Malnutrition In Tanzania

Center for Strategic & International Studies: Seeds of Change: The Power of Fruits and Vegetables to Improve Nutrition in Tanzania
In this report, Amy R. Beaudreault, research fellow with the CSIS Global Food Security Project and Global Health Policy Center, “examine[s] the imperative role of fruits and vegetables in combating malnutrition. The research questions focused on the barriers to consumption, current strategies to increase consumption by U.S. and Dutch foreign aid projects and a local initiative, and opportunities for multisectoral and public-private engagement approaches. The fieldwork encompassed four projects — in three diverse Tanzanian regions — with budgets ranging from $25,000 to $25 million. Recommendations included creating demand, broadening implementation, scaling up an integrated multisectoral approach, and accelerating public-private engagement.” A multi-media, interactive story on the fieldwork also is available online (11/4).