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CSIS Paper Examines Economic, Structural Development To Help End Poverty In Developing Countries

IRIN examines a paper, titled “Combating Global Poverty,” published recently by Daniel Runde of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). “Now is the time, he says, for donor countries to shift their focus away from alleviating poverty. It is time, instead, he says, to concentrate on helping developing countries reach a position from which they can end poverty and deliver social goods for themselves,” the news service writes. “Going forward, Runde says there should be more focus on issues such as tax collection, commercial law, contract enforcement and secure land tenure — matters he describes as ‘not really very sexy — it takes a very long time to see results, it’s hard to measure, and it’s working on a lot of plumbing issues that are not emotionally compelling and are hard to generate a political constituency for,'” IRIN states (Blunt, 12/11).