CSIS Panel Discusses New Lancet Series On Maternal Health, Implications For U.S. Policy

CSIS Task Force on Women’s & Family Health: Lancet Series On Maternal Health
Janet Fleischman, senior associate with the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, presents highlights from a panel discussion at a CSIS event marking the launch of a new Lancet series on maternal health. “The featured speakers were Dr. Margaret Kruk, associate professor of global health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Dr. Elizabeth Fox, director of the office of infectious diseases and deputy coordinator for maternal and child survival at USAID; Dr. Mariam Claeson, director of the Global Financing Facility at the World Bank; and [Ryan Kaldahl, a foreign policy adviser to Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine)]. The panel discussion emphasized the importance of this moment in prioritizing maternal health, an area directly related to the work of the CSIS Task Force on Women’s and Family Health” (November 2016).