COVID-19 Pandemic Threatens To Divert Resources From Other Diseases, Experts Warn

Financial Times: Experts warn coronavirus will divert resources from killer diseases
“…[The dilemma of suspending vaccination campaigns amid the coronavirus pandemic] is faced across the developing world as the virus not only claims lives of health workers and others directly, but is also causing huge disruptions to the treatment and prevention of other killer diseases as the pandemic threatens to overwhelm fragile health systems. Aid groups fear this ‘resource steal’ will result in other illnesses, from HIV and TB to malaria and dengue fever, being neglected as finite resources are diverted to deal with Covid-19, costing lives today and storing up huge problems for the future…” (Jack/Munshi, 5/10).

Quartz: As if Covid-19 was not enough, other virus outbreaks are erupting around the world
“It’s a good time to be a virus, it seems. While everyone is likely well aware of the coronavirus pandemic, other viral diseases are also thriving, spreading locally and threatening already overwhelmed health care systems…” (Gelling, 5/10).