COVID-19 Pandemic Impacting Aid Groups’ Ability To Provide Humanitarian Relief; Social Groups, Charities Call For Massive Debt Relief In Developing Countries

NPR: Aid Groups Say They’ve Never Faced A Challenge Like The Novel Coronavirus
“Humanitarian groups say they’ve never had to face a challenge like the novel coronavirus. … Even before the pandemic, the U.N. estimated that 168 million people will need humanitarian relief this year. We spoke to international aid groups about how the pandemic has affected their ability to provide care in emergency settings…” (Gharib, 4/7).

Reuters: Social groups urge mass debt relief for poor countries hit by virus crisis
“Nearly 140 campaign groups and charities urged the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, G20 governments and private creditors on Tuesday to help the world’s poorest countries through the coronavirus crisis by cancelling debt payments. The call, spearheaded by the British-based Jubilee Debt Campaign, comes a day before a Group of 20 working group is due to meet, tasked with the coronavirus response for developing countries…” (Jones/Bavier, 4/6).

Additional coverage of how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting workers, economies, and poor populations worldwide is available from NPR, The Telegraph, and Washington Post.